We help companies find digital solutions to every day management problems.

Software usually falls into two categories; off the shelf or packaged and custom-made. In order to make the right choice it is essential to understand the benefits and potential drawbacks of these two types of software. Working with clients we look at both.

What we do Off the Shelf software:

The Off the Shelf option can make sense. We go into your company and look at your current practise and find software that matches closely to your needs.

We create work flow documents and match them with the proposed software and follow creating an implementation plan for the organisation.


Custom made software:

Working with a software development company on a custom-made application brings a whole range of advantages. One of the most important issues is that this is a direct relationship, which will bring a solid understanding of your business and an understanding of your needs to the whole process.

Custom-made software was once the preserve of large companies. Nowadays, the cost of developing custom-made applications has fallen because of factors such as robust application frameworks, a vast array of off-the-shelf modules and rapid development tools

All of this puts the custom-made approach within reach of SMEs these days but it is still a serious investment and one not to be taken lightly. We work with carrying out a cost-benefit analysis before embarking on a project.

We work on behalf of the company to identify software companies to carry out the work all the way through to implementation.

Give us a call and let us show you the best options for your company on the market.